Officers Handbook-Parish HNS

Formation of a Parish Holy Name Society

Shield of Dominican OrderForming a Holy Name Society for your parish is a rewarding activity. However, it requires energy, a core set of like minded individuals and a supportive parish priest.

The following steps are involved in formation of a properly chartered Holy Name Society.

It is highly recommended that you begin by reading the Officers Handbook - Official Handbook for Parish Holy Name Societies. This handbook is essential in assisting with the formation of a parish Holy Name Society. Included in the Officers Handbook is useful information on setting up and running an effective Parish Holy Name Society. This handbook can be downloaded on-line - an on-line version and a printable booklet version are available as links on this web page. It is recommended you read the Handbook before speaking with the pastor. This will give you the opportunity to read over the materials, and become familiar with the Holy Name Society, so that you may answer any and all of your pastor's questions.

Read carefully the information on the Purpose, Spiritual Benefits of Membership, Obligations of Membership, and other key information on the Confraternity of the Holy Names of God and Jesus.

Schedule a meeting with the Pastor of your parish to review this key information.  Obtain his permission to proceed with the formation of a Holy Name Society in the parish.

If your parish does not have an official Charter, you will need to contact the Confraternity Director of the Dominican Province that your parish is located. This is information is included in the Charter Information page of this website.

While you are waiting for the charter to arrive, form an oversight organization (council), which should include a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and a spiritual director (required)  It is highly recommended the spiritual director be the Pastor or Parochial Vicar from the parish.

Begin praying the Holy Name Society Vocation prayer, and begin enlisting members.  This will require you to energize people to get them involved.  This may take a little time and effort. Schedule conferences that include topics that help your members grow in holiness and obtain their personal salvation.  If you would like a member from your Diocesan Union or Archdiocesan Association of the Holy Name Society to help with a kick-off session, feel free to contact them for assistance. They will be happy to assist you.

Once you get your Charter, it is time to formally induct members into the confraternity.  Your priest can induct members at your parish through the official Induction Ceremony.

Once you have a Society "up and running", you will wish to purchase certain supplies, such as Holy Name pins, medallions, pledge card calendars, perhaps even a banner. These supplies may also be obtained from the Supply Store available on this website.

The NAHNS publishes a National Newsletter. The newsletter is an excellent way to know what is happening in the Holy Name Society throughout North America. You will probably wish to obtain one subscription now, but once your society is functioning actively, you can purchase additional subscriptions. You can subscribe to the Newsletter via this website.

Go forth to Teach, Spread and Defend the Faith of Christ.