Why Join the Holy Name Society?

We are living in a very special time in the history of the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II called each of us to live our faith to the fullest and to evangelize those around us. He called all Catholics to a new evangelization.

But what does evangelization really mean? To live, share, and when necessary, defend our faith. We are called to do this in the home, in the work place, in the classroom, in the neighborhood; at the mall, at sporting events, in the voting booth - everywhere God places us in our daily routines. Simply put, we are to live our faith and bring the light of Christ to the world.

How do we get the strength needed to evangelize? By assisting at Mass, receiving forgiveness in the Confessional, daily prayer, and spending time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Becoming a member of a good spiritual organization also gives us the strength needed to live our lives as Christ intended. The Holy Name Society provides all of us with a share in the many graces and blessings the Church offers those with a special devotion to the most Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Name Society is a confraternity of the Catholic Church canonically erected to the Dominican Order. The Confraternity is founded to teach, spread, and defend the Faith of Christ through practicing a special devotion to the Most Holy Names of God and Jesus. Its members share in the special indulgences, graces, and blessings granted to the Order.

Our world is changing daily. As Catholics, we have the responsibility to make it a better place to live by imitating Christ in all we think, say, and do. This responsibility is ours today, tomorrow, and forever. As faithful members of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Names of God and Jesus - the Holy Name Society - we receive the strength necessary to respond to His call.