Pen Pal Prison Ministry

"There can be no justice without forgiveness."
- Pope John Paul II

Jesus in PrisonDo not neglect Christ suffering in our prisons. Help break the tedium of prison life, you can encourage inmates to use the time of incarceration for spiritual and educational growth, and help to improve their writing skills so they can look forward to a more rewarding life both in, and later when they are out of prison.

Pen Pal Ministry - How it Works

The Holy Name Society Prison ministry is seeking pen pals to write to inmates in prisons in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, California, Georgia, North Carolina and elsewhere. Complete anonymity is guaranteed. Mail from the inmate goes first to system administrators in Philadelphia, and then is forwarded by the ministry to you. The Pen Pal ministry is open only to people over age 18.

How to get Started

Holy Name Society Prison MinistryAll of us can find fifteen minutes a week to reach out to some of our society's most isolated people. This ministry can be a blessing for both the incarcerated and the Pen Pal. Please consider at least passing on this information, perhaps asking your church to feature this special ministry in a weekly bulletin. This is an excellent activity for parish Holy Name Societies to sponsor within their Parish or at the Deanery or Diocesan level.

This Pen Pal program provides complete anonymity. All mail is handled through the administrators of this program. Your name and address will never be available to the incarcerated men and women.

If you are interested in learning more please click on this link to read more.

Contact Information

For information on how to become a Pen Pal, please contact:

Jack & Sophie Weber
PO Box 52416
Philadelphia, PA 19115

Please pray about providing any financial support you can afford to this worthwhile ministry.

Please make checks payable to: 

Mary Mother of the Captives Prison Ministry
PO Box 52416
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115